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Disney M!A's. Drop one in my ask?

My muse can't talk for two days or until she/he gets a kiss on the lips. (Or you can specify where or by who)
Sword in the Stone:
A wizard for three days
An animal for two days (You can specify what)
Sleeping Beauty:
Sick in bed for two days
Stuck in_____(Specify where) for three days
Snow White:
Maid/Servant for ______(Specify Who. It could be you.))
Beauty and the Beast:
Cursed to be a monster (You specify what) for two day
Finding Nemo:
Has short term memory for two days
Peter Pan:
Cursed to be a little kid (you can specify the age) for a day
For the next two days, every time you tell a lie ______ happens. (Specify what that is.)
My muse has to spend 6 romantic hours with ______ (Specify who, it could be you) under a disguise and leave them with something that would serve as a clue to find them.
My muse suffers from delusions for three hours.
My muse gets to choose between three things: 1. Enough gold and gems to fill a large cave. 2. To become a ruler for three days. 3. To change one other muse's opinion about them (has to agree with that muse's mun first and their mun decides how the opinion is changed).
Mary Poppins:
For three hours, my muse possesses a magical bag that seems to contain everything they want and need. (They get to keep the items they pull out even after the curse ends.)
My muse is a bear, and has to settle some disagreement with another muse to turn back.
My muse has to pretend they are the opposite sex for however long (specify)
My muse is lost in a strange place, and has to be rescued by another muse (specify who)
Jack Sparrow:
My muse is paranoid of getting killed
Force my muse to marry _______(Specify Who and for how long. Max. is two weeks)
Lost in _______
Stuck on a Road Trip with _____ for three days
Mrs. Potts:
Changed into _______(Specify what and for how long. Can be animal/appliance/etc.)
Cannot lie or else _______(Specify what happens. Lasts for four days)
My muse is _______'s Pet (Specify who and for how long)
My muse is now ________'s fairy for a week (Specify who)
Captain Hook:
Handicapped/ lost the ability to _____(Specify what. Sight/touch/hearing/etc.)
Robin Hood:
Thief for two days. (Can specify what to steal and/or from who)

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swaggermimint asked: Welcome back! How ya been then over wherever you were? What's this about a college and art or something?

I was on Hiatus while my mun was at “Art College” 

She just sat around drawing all day! So I’m going to call it Art Camp!

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… I’m really sorry but this blog is going to be on hiatus for a while, School is already looking like its going to kick my ass. 80 drawings due by Friday, and this is only the first week! Wish me luck! I’m going to be on my personal so you can follow that if you want, but I wont have time for both. I’ll see you guys in a few months, love you all!

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